(Comments posted to the Appeal Facebook page):

– Vero Ruiz: It disgusts me to the core! It’s a disgrace to our country! Sadly America is certainly a nation full of hatred, division, injustice, and racism. May God help us all during these hard times.

– Zenny Gray: I do not understand how we will ever come together again. I see so many people so differently now. I am sad and disappointed; only the truly ignorant do not realize how fragile democracy really is. And they really do not understand what they just did. They can only see their tiny, narrow, worldview. It just makes me so sad.

– Rupi Sandhu: Today we are all just Americans - not Republican not Democrat. We should be collectively ashamed of what transpired. These antics are anything but peaceful or patriotic.

Our President’s job is to unite us all and to accept when the country speaks through the accepted elections process. The President has failed in this basic duty.

– Phyllis Benedict: Unacceptable in this country. So embarrassing.

– Jean Brown: Wouldn’t want this happening at my home in Yuba City and don’t want this happening at my White House in D.C. My heart hurts.

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