The father of a 9-year-old boy killed by his sister's pit bulls filed a wrongful death claim against Sacramento County Child Protective Services on Tuesday.

The claim, which seeks more than $10,000 in damages, was filed the same day Tyler Trammell-Huston was buried in Sacramento.

The boy died in a trailer in Linda after his sister, Alexandria Griffin-Heady, left him alone with her three dogs while she worked a two-hour shift with a security company on Dec. 3.

The claim mistakenly says the incident occurred in Linden.

No criminal charges have been filed. The Yuba County Sheriff's Department is working on a report to be submitted to the District Attorney's Office by the end of the week, said Undersheriff Jerry Read.

In a press release, the boy's father, John Huston, 48, of Citrus Heights said CPS was responsible for the child, and Alexandria resided in "a dilapidated travel trailer" that was "legally uninhabitable, lacking a working toilet."

"John did his best to care for his son, but suffers from a mental incapacity that limited his ability to raise Tyler. As a result, CPS took Tyler from his father," attorney Moseley Collins, representing Huston, said. "They failed him."

Huston never relinquished his parental rights. "He saw Tyler as often as possible. It's his only child. Really, that was the most significant person in his life was his son," Collins said.

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