Colusa Boat launch

Roberts Ditch at the Colusa Boat launch facility was excavated on Friday to reopen the channel and allow for use of non-motorized water vessels.

For the first time since 2006, the Roberts Ditch at the Colusa boat launch facility has been dredged and reopened.

According to City Manager Jesse Cain, the canal, which was the original accessway for boats before the city installed the new boat launch facility, will be used for irrigation for local farmland as well as providing new access points for water recreation.

“This ties into the whole state park master plan where the old boat launch facility at the state park will be now open to kayaks and tubers...and paddle boarders,” said Cain. 

According to Cain, motorized boats will not be permitted in the newly opened channel. 

Cain said the canal was excavated down to an elevation of 36 feet last week, which is the deepest the canal has ever been.

“We are hoping this lasts for a number of years,” said Cain.

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