For the fifth year in a row, the Colusa County Community Advocates for Parents and Children (CAPC) and the Colusa Family Resource Center will be coordinating with the Williams area California Highway Patrol office to facilitate the annual CHiPS for Kids Toy Drive Program. 

“We just really want families to know that we are here to support them and that we want to help spread Christmas cheer, especially for those who are struggling to provide Christmas gifts for their children,” said Carissa Bowers, program manager for CAPC. “This program is a fun way to get the community involved in making sure all children have a safe holiday season and that they each feel special. We are so thankful to live in a community who is so giving and really comes together to make sure that toys are available for those children who really need them.” 

Last year, Bowers said the program was able to provide more than 200 children aged 0-12 throughout Colusa County with two gifts each for Christmas. 

“We have ranged between 179 children to 217 children over the years,” said Bowers. 

According to Bowers, families apply through an application process that is handled through the CAPC office or its partner sites.  

“The application collects information such as family size, children’s ages and genders, family’s projected income for the month of December, and information such as address, contact information and anything else that we may need to collect,” said Bowers. 

Each application must also include information about a sponsor – someone from the community such as a teacher, clergy member, social worker, case worker, community based organization employee, county employee, etc. – that provides verification of the family’s assistance needs.  

Bowers said the sponsor must sign the application and provide contact information in the event that the agency needs to contact them. 

“If applications do not include a signature, the sponsor must contact us to supply us with this information,” said Bowers.

While this program is hosted in collaboration between Colusa County CAPC, the FRC and the CHP, Williams, Bowers said many local agencies and businesses provide support by hosting collection barrels and coordinating with CAPC to collect donated toys for the program. Because of this great community support, Bowers said there are no direct costs associated with hosting the event at this time.  

“All gifts are donated through collections around the county and all staff that participate the day of the disbursement are volunteers,” said Bowers. 

Applications will be accepted through Dec. 10 at 4:30 p.m. and can be returned by mail or in person to the CAPC office, located at 131 Fifth St. in Colusa. Applications can also be submitted via email to

If selected, families will be contacted by CAPC on Friday, Dec. 17.

“Our office calls them to provide information about the gift disbursement event and informs them that they were selected,” said Bowers. “Gifts are disbursed on a pre-selected date at a pre-selected location at a certain time for smooth delivery.”

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