A retired Yuba County Sheriff’s Office canine is in need of a rhinoscopy and community members have lent a hand by donating to a GoFundMe set up by the sheriff’s canine association.

The canine, Glock, worked patrol for six and a half years and retired with his handler Deputy Henry Abe. Glock is in need of the procedure due to him sneezing blood for longer than a typical nosebleed, according to YCSO Deputy Scott Johannes. The rhinoscopy requires sedation so the veterinarian can scope Glock’s nasal cavity to determine the cause of the bleeding. Johannes said it could be anything from a foreign body such as foxtails to something as serious as a tumor.

“There is no way to determine the cause of the bleeding without the procedure, therefore something serious could potentially go undiagnosed,” Johannes said. “We’re hoping if it is something more serious than a foreign body, we can get a quick diagnosis and treatment plan going.”

Glock was trained in apprehension and article searches. During his time in the field, Glock was stabbed twice and shot once during three separate incidents, Johannes said.

“Glock saved the life of his handler and other deputies countless times by locating key pieces of evidence and apprehending violent and dangerous criminals,” Johannes said. “When Glock was not in ‘work mode’ he was always social and loved attention from everyone.”

While a dog works for the sheriff’s office, the department provides medical coverage. Upon retirement, a dog is purchased by its handler for a minimal amount. In Yuba County, the Deputy Sheriff’s Canine Association purchases and owns each new dog, which allows the handler to keep it as part of their family without having to jump through hoops, Johannes said.

The goal of the fundraiser is to cover the initial cost of the procedure to determine a diagnosis. Depending on what that diagnosis is, costs could increase and further procedures could be required. Johannes said the association is exploring different options to provide coverage to retired canines.

“We have already received tremendous support and appreciate everything the community has done for us,” Johannes said. “If someone wishes to contribute, they can make a donation to the GoFundMe page set up for K9 Glock or contact us on Facebook or Instagram for further information.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, the page had raised $3,795 out of a $5,000 goal. To donate, visit https://bit.ly/3ipWy1m.

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