When an incorporated city wants to expand its boundaries, the county set to lose the unincorporated area can be negatively impacted through the loss of property and sales taxes. 

With Yuba City officials eyeing possible expansion to the south, Sutter County officials are preparing to form an ad-hoc committee to assist with negotiations over the two parties’ Master Tax Exchange agreement.

“These agreements are common throughout the state,” said Interim County Administrator Steve Smith. “The upcoming negotiations will primarily be about the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan. The agreement ensures each side is protected.”

The Master Tax Exchange agreement defines how property and sales taxes are shared between the county and city when county land is annexed into Yuba City. The agreement is a requirement of the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) before the annexation or sphere of influence change can be approved. 

The Bogue-Stewart Master Plan lays out development plans for an area of about 742 acres along Yuba City’s southern border, which include a mix of residential and commercial uses, parks and recreational sites, and public facilities.

A sizable portion of the area would be split into two phases. Phase 1, or Newkom Ranch, includes plans for approximately 170 acres with a total of 643 housing units (mostly low-density housing with limited medium/high-density housing) and 338,243 square feet of non-residential uses. Phase 2, or Kells East Ranch, includes plans for approximately 95 acres with a total of 270 housing units (a combination of low-density and medium/high-density housing) and 161,172 square feet of non-residential uses.

The remaining acreage would be used for a total of 1,604 housing units and 657,320 square feet of non-residential uses. In addition to housing, the area’s primary uses include neighborhood commercial, business, technology and light industrial, and public facilities such as parks, a school, a PG&E substation and a water tank site.

The city developed a master plan and draft Environmental Impact Report for the area and recently held a workshop to update city officials on what is proposed for the area. To view the Bogue-Stewart Master Plan, go to https://bit.ly/2WThP5b.

Sutter County supervisors will look to establish the ad-hoc committee and appoint two members at today’s meeting starting at 3 p.m. at the Hall of Records building – 466 Second St., Yuba City.

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