Prom Dinner

A group of East Nicolaus High School students pose for a picture before prom over the weekend. The group’s dinner bill was covered by an unidentified couple who also dined at the restaurant. 

A group of 16 East Nicolaus High School students stopped at a restaurant in Lincoln before their prom on Saturday, where they were sat with another couple who would end up paying for their meal unexpectedly.

Dolly Barker, mother of a sophomore in the group, said while the students were at Kobe Teppanyaki & Sushi, the group talked to the couple about how they were going to prom.

At the end of the meal, the couple went to leave and said “we hope you have a great prom and by the way we paid for your meal, you’ve been through enough this year,” Barker said.

She said the group was shocked and the couple was gone before they really processed what happened.

“They were so excited and were like ‘that’s so nice,’ they were very touched by it,” Barker said.

She said the high school organized an outdoor prom due to COVID-19 regulations and the students were thankful that they were even able to go to prom. The fact that a couple they didn’t know paid for their meal “made it the best ever for them.”

Barker estimates the meal likely cost around $450 to $500.

“That’s something they’ll remember about that night and maybe pay it forward,” Barker said. “...The kids just wanted the couple to know how much it meant to them and how it was something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives … We have no idea who the couple was and they left before they could say anything more than ‘you don’t have to’ and ‘thank you.’”

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