Next October, a new type of identification will be required to board domestic flights and gain entry to secure federal facilities. The change is worrying many residents about requirements for being issued the new ID through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Here’s a run-down on things to know before the changeover a little over one year from now:

– A “REAL ID” driver’s license can be distinguished from normal driver’s licenses as it has pictured on the top right corner of the card a golden bear and a white star. 

Licenses that have the words “federal limits apply” on the top right corner will not be federally compliant as of October 1, 2020, and can’t be used to board domestic flights, according to the Department of Motor Vehicles website.

– “The DMV encourages applicants to wait until their driver license/identification card renewal cycle to apply for REAL ID,” DMV Office of Public Affairs representative Anita Gore said via email. “If their driver license/identification card expires after the federal enforcement date of October 1, 2020, we encourage them to use a passport, military ID or other federally compliant form of ID until their renewal cycle.”

– While the change in policy will go into effect on Oct. 1, 2020, according to the DMV’s website, those planning on flying within the United States in the next year should start the application process as soon as possible due to the high volume of applications expected from now until Oct. 1.

“To address that expectation, the DMV is increasing staff, streamlining processes, conducting outreach, and has hired a marketing company to educate the public about REAL ID and provide information about transaction alternatives that can be completed without a visit to a field office,” Gore said.

ν REAL ID driver’s licenses must be picked up at a DMV field office. Appointments can only be made for dates three months in advance according to the DMV’s website.

“The DMV also offers extended morning hours at more than 65 of its offices (opening one hour earlier- 7 a.m. every weekday, except Wednesday),” Gore said. “More than 60 offices are open on Saturday and applicants without an appointment, who show up after 1 p.m., are finding that the application process is completed rather quickly.”

– To expedite the process, an online application can be filled out prior to visiting in person.

–  In person, be prepared to have the following documents: 

First, proof of identity, which must include date of birth and true full name. A valid U.S. passport or original birth certificate are examples of what will be accepted.

Second, proof of Social Security. This could include an original copy of a Social Security card, W-2 form or another document that contains a full name and Social Security number.

Third, two printed proofs of residency must be provided. Examples of these documents include rental or lease agreement with the signature of the owner and resident, mortgage bill and home utility bill. The full list of acceptable documents can be found online on the DMV’s website.

– “We want people to take the time to prepare, use our online resources and double check that they have all the necessary documentation,” Gore said.

The Yuba City DMV office is located at 1570 Poole Blvd. More information about how to obtain a REAL ID driver’s license can be found online at

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