A Sutter County sheriff's captain remains in custody on suspicion of child abuse and will likely appear in court today if charges are filed.

Jail Commander Lewis McElfresh was arrested by Yuba City police officers while he was working at the Sheriff's Department at 2:45 p.m. Tuesday.

District Attorney Amanda Hopper had not yet seen any reports of the investigation Wednesday evening. She said she expected to receive investigative documents this morning and would then make a filing decision.

If the District Attorney's Office does not file a criminal complaint today, McElfresh can be released from custody.

He was booked into Sutter County Jail and was later transferred to Yolo County Jail.

His bail was enhanced to $5 million early Tuesday evening.

The Sheriff's Department learned of the allegations during an investigation last week, Sheriff J. Paul Parker said Tuesday night.

Investigators handed the case over to Yuba City police Monday.

Details of the allegations have not yet become public. The alleged victim is a a girl over the age of 14 related to McElfresh.

Hopper said Tuesday she did not yet know if her office would file a case, or hand the case to the state to review. The DA's Office would recuse itself from the case if someone in the office is related to the case, she said.

The office has prosecuted sheriff's employees before.

A Sutter County jail corrections officer was arrested in September on suspicion of methamphetamines and the Sutter County DA's Office is prosecuting the case.

Prior to Hopper's election, the office was questioned about how a report was handled involving another corrections officer. Assistant District Attorney Jana McClung reviewed the case and decided not to hand the case to the state, although there may have been a conflict of interest.

A grand jury was asked to review the decision.

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