The Yuba City Police Department has identified eight streets for the month of November to be part of the Neighborhood Speed Awareness Program, according to a news release from the department. 

That means that anyone cited for speeding on Jefferson Avenue, Franklin Road, Jones Road, Blevins Road, Royo Ranchero Road, B Street, El Margarita Road or Shanghai Bend Road will be eligible to attend a class taught by the Yuba City Police Department in lieu of paying a court fine. Completion of the two-hour session is required to have speeding fines nullified. 

The class will provide students information about braking distances, vehicle load dynamics, vehicle versus bicycle/pedestrian injuries and collision prevention techniques, the release said. Drivers cited for speeding on the included streets can deal with a citation in the traditional manner and not attend the class. 

According to the release, speed continues to be the leading primary collision factor for collisions in Yuba City. The program targets residential streets where speeding problems have been identified by the department. 

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