Since the late 1990s, the Yuba City Police Department has at times implemented the Neighborhood Speed Awareness Program to use education as a way to combat the problem of speeding in the area.

The program offers a two-hour class taught by the Yuba City Police Department that nullifies a speeding citation, according to a press release from the Yuba City Police Department.

Participants in the class are given information about braking distances, vehicle lead dynamics, vehicle versus bicycle/pedestrian injuries and collision prevention techniques, according to the release.

Residential streets are selected monthly that have been identified as having speeding problems. For October, those streets include, Clark Avenue, Bunce Road, Bogue Road, Hooper Road, Franklin Road, Stafford Way, Ruth Avenue and El Margarita Road.

“This is our city and our neighborhoods, please slow down and be a responsible driver,” Yuba City Police Department Sgt. Kim Slade said via the release.

Only people cited on those streets this month will be eligible for participation in the program, according to Yuba City Police Department Records Clerk Shannon Sowles.

Sowles said the streets included in the program change every month starting the first of each month. Depending on the severity of the speeding citation, violators could be deemed in-eligible for the program. 

According to the release, speeding is the primary factor for collisions in Yuba City. In 2016, 1005 drivers were cited for speeding and speeding accounted for approximately 28 percent of injury collisions in Yuba City.

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