A growing number of farmers’ markets and farm stands are cropping up in the Yuba County foothills.

Several places that are open throughout the week and on weekends offer a variety of fresh and local produce in an area where it can otherwise be hard to find such things.

Here’s a look at some of the operations:

– “It can be extremely hard to get fresh fruit in a remote area,” said Eve Domingo, who runs Filaki Farms with her husband, Juan Jose. “We farm for a number of reasons. We love doing that type of work because we get to work outside with the rhythm of the day work with plants to make them healthy.”

Domingo said they’re a certified organic operation through the California Certified Organic Farmers and opened a farm stand at their Oregon House property a couple years ago to meet demand.

“We didn’t think we could be sustainable locally because we had friends who would stop by and ask us to harvest a few things here and there so we said people could stop by on Fridays and it’s become something that’s really grown,” she said. “The community has really supported us and we feel like we have something to offer the community.”

They’re now open Tuesdays and Fridays and, additionally, for many years they’ve sold produce regionally to places as far away as San Francisco and Sacramento.

“One of the things we’re known for is melons and we have carrots, beets, strawberries, parsley, cabbage and dill,” she said. “Later in the season, we’ll have tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, rutabaga and potatoes.”

– Stacey Hinton of Yuba City runs the Dobbins Farmers Market and says every Saturday, through October, they’ve got a variety of vendors that offer produce as well as arts and crafts.

“We’re trying to get more local involvement so that people can shop locally for fresh produce,” she said. “There’s a lot of nutritional value in having your food come straight from the ground.”

The market takes place each Saturday at an old Boy Scouts picnic area on Marysville Road and Hinton said there’s plenty of shade for customers and vendors.

“The second Saturday each month, we’ll have a kids day with children’s activities and the last Saturday of the month, people can pay $10 like a vendor fee, and sell their items like a garage sale.”

Hinton has been a vendor at many produce stands over the years and also sells breakfast items at the market.

“We have a snack shack and sell breakfast stuff,” she said. “I’m trying to do more farm to fork items and my flair for the food is pioneer woman.”

– Since 2016, Che Vang and his family have been running CN Farm in Loma Rica and said they’re known for their berries.

“We’re famous for our four-berry tray, which has strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries,” he said. “We grow seven varieties of  strawberries, five varieties of blackberries, 10 varieties of blueberries and have raspberries that are red, purple, orange and two different kinds of yellows.”

Vang said they moved to the area several years ago because he liked the idea of living the farming lifestyle and wanted to impress that upon his family.

“My wife, children and my brother from Sacramento all help on the farm,” he said. “I wanted to get involved in farming because were loosing that in the our society and I wanted to move up here and teach my kids about where food comes from.”

He recently had a school group come to his farm and Vang shared tips about good farming practices and choosing ripe and flavorful food.

“We had a bunch of kids come up for a local field trip and we showed them how to choose the most flavorful fruit,” he said. “We told them how to pick strawberries – don’t pull it off the plant, twist it at a 90 degree angle.”

Vang said they’ve slowed down on growing vegetables in favor of more fruit and hybrid fruit since many of the trees he planted years ago are finally producing.

He’s working on becoming a certified organic farmer and says he’s currently a certified producer with Yuba County and the state.

– The Brownsville Farmers Market, which is open on Saturdays, is another one-stop shop for people living in and traveling to, from and through the remote town. Also in the foothills is the Robertson Family Farm, which offers Consumer Supported Agriculture where people can sign up for a weekly delivery of produce from their farm to their front door.

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