Michelle Diemer (left) and Becky Cummings volunteer at the Peach Bowl Little League fireworks stand in the Walmart parking lot in Yuba City on Tuesday.

Fireworks booths throughout the Yuba-Sutter area are open for business, with the Fourth of July weekend just a few days away.

Booths have been allowed to open since Sunday and will legally be able to continue selling fireworks until July 6 at noon. Each stand is run by a different organization to raise funds for their operations, from churches and little league teams to service clubs.

“This season was canceled so this will be our only fundraiser this year,” said Joanne Hill, a Peach Bowl Little League board member.

The funds raised at the fireworks stand on Harter Parkway will help fund youth sports for nearly 400 little leaguers. They opened the league’s booth selling TNT Fireworks on Monday, and sales have been good so far, Hill said.

Due to COVID-19, volunteers are wearing masks and gloves and maintaining social distancing while helping customers. Hill said TNT provided all the gloves, masks and hand sanitizer they needed to operate.

“We got a bunch of 70%-off fireworks. There are also some new bigger fireworks that weren’t available last year,” Hill said of the booth’s options. “We’ve got quite a selection.”

There are 32 booths set up throughout Yuba City. Yuba City Fire Marshal Jesse Frias said residents should avoid buying fireworks that do not have the Safe and Sane seal.

“If it leaves the ground or explodes then it’s not legal and considered a dangerous firework,” Frias said. “…We have a fairly new Yuba City ordinance that is pretty hefty, so if someone is caught with or shooting off illegal fireworks, we will issue them an administration citation that costs $1,000.”

Frias said his team will be out patrolling the city on July 4 in the hopes of being visible and deterring residents from using illegal fireworks. He said the community fireworks show planned for Saturday night at the river bottoms will hopefully lead to a reduction in the number of illegal fireworks being used around the area. While Beckwourth Riverfront Park and the Feather River Parkway will be closed for the community fireworks show, organizers say most residents within city limits should be able to see the display from their homes.

The Linda Fire Protection District inspected and approved 13 different locations in south Yuba County. Marysville has seven booths within city limits, and there is a booth set up in the Hallwood area.

Andrew Hall, fire inspector for the Marysville Fire Department, encouraged residents to be safe this holiday and to treat legal fireworks with respect.

“If you are going to partake in the Safe and Sane fireworks, just be mindful where you are setting them off,” Hall said. “Even Safe and Sane fireworks can start fires.”

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