Five female inmates at the Yuba County Jail attacked a correctional officer in what is believed to have been an attempted escape, according to Yuba County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Leslie Carbah. 

On Monday evening five Yuba County Jail inmates attacked a female correctional officer and took her keys. The group was stopped by other jail officers who responded to the victim officer’s radio call for help. The officer that was attacked did not suffer significant injuries, according to Carbah. 

The inmates involved in the alleged attempted escape were Stacy Sears, 37, of Olivehurst; Angella Landaverde, 40, of Olivehurst; Sabrina Thomas, 26, of Marysville; Sarah Rosandich, 21, of Yuba City; and Rebecca Jeffcrum 21, of Mountain Ranch, according to Carbah. 

All five were charged with attempted escape by use of force or violence, resisting or obstructing an executive officer, assault with a deadly weapon not a firearm, robbery, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to commit a crime. They all are being held in Yuba County Jail without bail. 

Carbah said the group is scheduled to be arraigned today at 3 p.m. in Yuba County Superior Court. 

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