Food trucks

Food trucks line up at the POW/MIA Park along Edgewater Circle during a Sunday food truck event in April.

Edgewater residents have been treated to some new options for Sunday night dinner in recent weeks as food trucks from around the Sacramento area have been holding weekly events at a local community park since mid-April.

After attending a similar food truck event in the Plumas Lake area, Edgewater resident Dolita Martin had the idea to bring a similar event to her own small community. She contacted the company that organizes the events, Sacto MobileFoods, and started the process.

“I thought it would be something the community would enjoy,” Martin said. “We don’t really have anything here like it, so it was great to have something for people to go to and take a day off of cooking.”

Every Sunday since April 11 (except for Mother’s Day), a handful of food trucks have parked at the POW/MIA Park along Edgewater Circle. The event starts at 4 p.m. (subject to change) and runs until 8 p.m. Martin said attendance has been growing over the weeks, and the food trucks stay consistently busy the entire time.

“Last week was our largest event and we increased to five trucks,” she said. “A lot of times people didn’t even know about the event but just happened to walk by the park and saw it happening. Everybody seems to be really happy about it.”

Sacto MobileFoods, also known as SactoMoFo, is a company that organizes corporate catering and public events that work with approximately 50 food trucks from around the region. Food trucks they work with serve up desserts, pizza, barbecue, tacos, gyros and brunch, among other things — cuisine from a variety of cultures such as Mexican, Asian, Hawaiian, Portuguese, Mediterranean, Indian and American.

“It’s great because you can have everything right there in one place,” Martin said. “You could have all five things at once, or have a little bit of each throughout the night.”

Sacto MobileFoods also holds food trucks events in the community of Plumas Lake on Tuesday and Saturday nights between 4-8 p.m. After attending one of the events last year, Martin started a Facebook group (Edgewater Dinners to Go Food Trucks) to see if residents in her community would be interested in a similar event. The group has grown to nearly 550 members since it was formed in March.

Martin said she hopes the event will continue to grow and bring the community together.

“We post a schedule every week letting people know the different trucks that will be there on Sunday or any updates throughout the week,” Martin said. “…Right now we are just doing food trucks but we’ve been thinking of doing a vendor event later on, but we’ll see. Who knows, maybe we could do something with live music eventually too if someone wanted to come out and play.”

Martin said anyone interested in keeping tabs on the Edgewater food truck event should join the group’s Facebook page (

To see a calendar of upcoming events around the region or food trucks that work with Sacto MobileFoods, go to

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