Lydia Thurman, 23, and Omar Herrera, 24, both of Yuba City, workout at Future Fitness in Yuba City on Thursday.

Gary Pack lifted weights every day until the coronavirus restrictions closed the gym.

Pack, 51, of Plumas Lake, has been back lifting since Future Fitness, and many other Yuba-Sutter fitness clubs, opened up earlier this month, following new government health guidelines. 

“We’re regulars here and come every day to workout,” Pack said on Thursday while working out with a friend. “The pandemic shut that down and we couldn’t find anywhere to buy weights for a home gym because everyone else was buying them.”

Future Fitness owner Dennis Dahle said regular members like Pack, who are forced to adjust their fitness routines, shouldn’t have any problems jumping back on a bench and putting up some weights. 

“For the most part, taking five weeks off isn’t a long amount of time – especially for people who normally go to the gym,” he said. “For new members, we like to have a trainer get with them so they learn the proper techniques.”

Zoey McLarty is the fitness director at Yuba-Sutter Training Zone in Marysville and said it’s always good to take it easy when restarting a workout regiment.

“We recommend everyone returning to start slowly and all of us will have a decrease in strength for a bit,” she said. “It is easy to over-fatigue or injure yourself returning immediately into your regular gym training after a long while off. Remember to include supportive and restorative training into your routine to build back stronger than before.”

She said some members are a bit tentative coming back and those who have been coming are thankful the gym is open.

Yuba-Sutter Training Zone, Future Fitness and most other gyms have posted items on their websites and at the front doors letting people know about the new health precautions being taken.

“We’ve always had a policy of wiping things down after you use them and I’m glad to see that members have embraced that and I hope that it continues,” Dahle said. “You have to be smart about it by not putting a ton of people in a small place so we’re being strict on guidelines and that will keep things safe.”

He said they’ve drastically reduced the number of patrons who can be in the 25,000-square-foot gym at any given time and have yet to start offering group classes. 

“The health officer said we could have 25 percent of normal capacity and we’re only allowing half of that,” he said. “We’re limiting our hours of operation so we can have a team come in and do a full cleaning of the gym.”

Jagdeep Singh, 25, of Yuba City, signed up for a membership at Future Fitness on Thursday after cancelling it in January due to a busy schedule as a nursing student in Chico.

“I’ve been busy so I canceled my membership and was running and doing sit ups when I could but now that I have time, I’m going to be back at the gym four or five times per week,” Singh said. “It feels really good to be back at it and get into shape.”

Omar Herrera, 24, and Lydia Thurman, 23, both of Yuba City, lifted weights together and Herrera said they were glad to be back at the gym.

“My parents have a gym in Gridley and we also worked out at home when things were closed and we’re excited to get back to our workout routine at the gym,” Herrera said.

Luis Ramirez, 28, of Vallejo, signed up for a membership at Future Fitness after all the gyms in his area closed up and are still closed. 

“Once Yuba City started opening things up, I became a member at the gym and come up here whenever I can,” he said.

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