Goats and sheep

A herd of goats and sheep graze along Highway 70 on the first day of spring.

If you’re lucky enough, you’ll see a herd of sheep and goats along Highway 70.

Reclamation District 784 utilizes goats and sheep to maintain the drainage laterals and levees. According to the district’s website their first priority is protecting the environment, human life and property within their district.

“RD784 utilizes grazing as an efficient and greener approach to traditional mowing or burning in most areas of the district,” said Patrick Meagher, general manager of RD784.

Meagher said the goats and sheep are provided by an outsourced livestock company, Gregory Livestock Company.

“It’s a good way to utilize the weeds out there that would be considered a fire hazard,” said Steve Gregory, of the company.

“We’ve been grazing out there a lot of years,” said Gregory. “We get a lot of positive feedback (and) there’s people that appreciate the aspect of it.”

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