Say it with Chocolate:

Your significant other doesn’t need to know you waited until the day of to pick something up for the holiday – just don’t show up empty-handed.

Nothing says love like gifting someone strawberries or pecans dipped in chocolate, or heart-shaped boxes full of assorted goodies.

The Yuba-Sutter area has a couple different shops where last-minute shoppers can get what they need to satisfy their significant other’s sweet tooth.

The Candy Box, 415 D St., Marysville, has been in business for 65 years. They’ve been making chocolate caramel turtles for over 60 years, dipping local pecans into their secret caramel, topped with milk or dark chocolate. That’s not all they have to offer, though, with everything from nuts, chews and creams to jellies, clusters, barks and truffles.

“We have over 16 heart-shaped boxes that people can pick and fill with different assortments of chocolates from our cases,” said Candy Box Owner Doug Zwolski.

In addition to the candy options, most of which are handmade onsite, Candy Box will be selling strawberries dipped in chocolate.

“(My advice is) get here early,” Zwolski said. “It’s been non stop for the last few days, so we’ll probably sell out of candy very soon.”

On the Sutter County side, residents have Sawyer’s Sweet Spot, 725 Plumas St., Yuba City. Some of their big sellers are homemade caramel turtles, fudge, truffles and chocolate-covered Oreos. They have a wide variety of candies to accompany any chocolate box, and they sell gift baskets for all occasions.

“Our chocolate-covered strawberries are big sellers leading up to Valentine’s Day. A lot of people come in to get a bulk assortment of candies customized to their liking,” said co-owner Rick Rummelhart. “Once they make their selection, we will put it in a nice Valentine’s package.”

The shop has been open since 2016. Rummelhart said Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for candy shops like his. His suggestion for last-minute shoppers is to come to the shop early in the day. 

“It’s going to be a crazy day,” he said. “A lot of people will be coming in and picking up their orders, so get here early while the pickings are good.” 

Jake Abbott


Say it with Flowers

Local flower shops have been preparing for weeks to make sure everyone gets a little something special on the day dedicated to love. 

Kevin DeHoff, owner of The Country Florist in Marysville, said he made trips to the market in San Francisco on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to get all of the fresh flowers used in the Valentine’s Day arraignments. 

“The market opens at 1:30 a.m. and we were there right when it opened each day to get the fresh flower,” said DeHoff. 

According to DeHoff, he started preparing for the busy day in mid-January and has formed a five-man design team to assemble all of the Valentine’s Day arrangements. 

DeHoff said he also has extra sales people and delivery drivers on-hand to keep up with demands. 

Over the bridge in Yuba City, Wendy Ferraro, owner of The Garden Gate, said her expanded team of delivery drivers will be heading out at 8 a.m. Friday morning to handle the roughly 250 deliveries the store has received all over the area, from Gridley and Sutter to Plumas Lake, Live Oak, Marysville and Yuba City. 

According to DeHoff, many people got an early start on their purchases this year, with online orders rolling in three weeks before Valentine’s Day. 

Although she has also received several advance orders, Ferraro said that many people tend to wait until the last minute to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts so she expects a steady flow of customers throughout the day today. 

“People tend to purchase a lot of add-ons when they are in the store and can physically see everything we have in stock,” said Ferraro. 

DeHoff agreed, saying many people purchase gifts such as chocolates, locally-made soy candles with Valentine’s Day themed scents and beaded jewelry sold at the shop in addition to the flowers. 

Both shop owners said the most popular order this year, as always, is red roses but there has been great interest in pink and white roses, lilies and mixed spring flower arrangements. 

– Lynzie Lowe


Getting hitched on Valentine’s Day

On a budget, but really mean it when you say, “I love you?” There’s an easy and economical way to tie the knot ... and you don’t need a lot of planning.

Couples can get married today at the Sutter County Clerk’s Office. The office is offering a package: Valentine’s Day license, ceremony and certificate for $110 from 8 a.m.-5p.m. at the office on 443 Second St. in Yuba City.

“It’s kind of unique,” said Sutter County Clerk-Recorder Donna Johnston. “It’s a special day for us.”

Leading up to Valentine’s Day it is preferred to have an appointment Johnston said, but today walk-ins are welcome. 

“If you’re going to book a venue it’s quite expensive,” said Johnston. “We try to make is personal.”

Couples will be married across the street from the office in a small garden where an altar resides said Johnston.

“You don’t need to have a witness,” said Johnston. “We can provide a witness for an extra charge.”

If there are more couples getting married than anticipated, the office will be open on Saturday, as well.

– Reanna Simmons


V-Day event in Yuba City 

It’s not too late to plan a Valentine’s Day date, and Yuba-Sutter has some free community celebrations available.  

A Father-Daughter Dance will be at Calvary Chapel from 6-9 p.m. at 613 Bogue Road, Yuba City. 

“I have four kids ands my oldest is a daughter,” said Kevin Fitzgerald, the lead pastor at Calvary Chapel. “As a dad and pastor I’m always looking for creative ways to spend time with them outside of a movie or electronic device.”

Fitzgerald said the dance started in 2017 and grows bigger every year with at least 100 people who show up each time. 

“We know the timing of it might conflict with what husbands and wives had planned, but we still get a great turn-out.”

The event is open to all ages. Dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.. For more information call 674-5296 or visit

A Valentine’s Day Dessert Social, hosted by Cooper Ave. Baptist Church will be at 7 p.m. at 804 Cooper Ave., Yuba City. Bring a dessert to share with friends, family, and valentines. There will be a card craft table, games, dessert and more. This is a family friendly event. For more information call 673-9278.

– For those who may have experienced Valentine’s day blues, ONOFF band, recently nominated for a “Sammie” at the 2020 Sacramento Music awards, will perform live, Saturday, Feb. 15, at Dowers Tavern, 315 Colusa Ave., Yuba City. 

“It’s jus a little something to celebrate the end to Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or in a relationship,” said Dan Lewerenz, the band manager. 

They will rock a full length, multi-set show in what they call their Post V-day Massacre. 

“It’s called a V-day Massacre to be funny, but its going to be a good time with a good crowd.”

Lewerenz said the band members are originally from Ireland but moved to the Yuba-Sutter area after one of the members married a local resident. 

This event is for  ages 21 and over. For more information call 763-5094.


Veronica Catlin

NFL kicker helps with promposal

The kicker for the 49ers, Robbie Gould, said in a video circulating online that he was happy to help Alex Ibarra, a  kicker for Yuba City High school’s football team, with a prom-posal. 

In a recently recorded video, Gould told Raena Nichols, the prom-posal recipient, that he thought it would be a huge kick if she let Alex take her to prom. 

The video was played for her in front of a school assembly, where she accepted the offer.  

– Veronica Catlin

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