With the grand opening of the new Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Sacramento at Fire Mountain just weeks away, the property has been busy as hundreds of employees are trained to operate the newest entertainment destination in the region.

“Hard Rock is bringing in amazingly friendly, outgoing staff who are going to provide a unique customer service-based experience,” said Paul Mollo, vice president of table game operations.

Ryan Flieger, vice president of human resources at Hard Rock, said the casino worked closely with Yuba College and the Yuba and Sutter counties OneStops employment services from May through early September to facilitate the hiring process and host several hiring events to recruit, interview and hire the approximately 1,250 team members that will be on staff for opening day. 

“We’re incredibly passionate about setting up our teams to win through training,” said Flieger.

In order to get the large number of employees trained and ready for opening day, his team established a finely tuned training schedule by mapping out available training space throughout the building with a correlating calendar, assigning each training topic, department and individual to a location and time. 

“It’s been a lot of work and coordination but we have a training plan that allows us to point to any moment in time between now and when we open our doors and know what’s happening,” said Fleiger.

More than 60 percent of the newly hired staff reside in the Yuba-Sutter area. 

“Our owners, Enterprise Rancheria, made a promise to this community many years ago: we will focus our hiring effort locally,” said Fleiger. “From the day we began developing our talent acquisition strategy we knew that we would look to Yuba and Sutter first.”

Fleiger said over 27,000 applications were received for the numerous positions within the hotel, casino and multiple restaurants featured on-site. 

“Our food and beverage team will be, by far, the largest with 450 team members working in our restaurants and about 60 serving drinks in our bars and on our gaming floor,” said Flieger. “We’ll have around 250 team members in table games and another 50 in our slots department.”

According to Fleiger, the hotel will have 40 people employed in a housekeeping capacity, another 40 will be split between front desk and valet services and the security team will account for another 50 employees. 

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