A group of people whose ancestors experienced detention facilities during WWII plan on demonstrating Saturday in Marysville. They’re calling for an end to use of the Yuba County Jail as an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.

ICE has a contract with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office to house detainees at the jail. Yuba County Sheriff Wendell Anderson said a new contract with ICE went into effect in November and pays the county $117.81 per day per inmate. In years past, the contract has meant revenue of some $5 million annually. County officials say that money is essential to keep the jail operating.

Tsuru for Solidarity is a nonprofit organization that began a project initially created for a March 2019 pilgrimage and protests of  ICE detention facilities in south Texas.

Survivors of the Japanese American WWII detention camps, who were children at the time, were imprisoned at the Crystal City Camp 40 miles away from the South Texas Family Residential Center. Descendants of the survivors of the Crystal City Camp, Japanese Americans and descendants from other camps united together to protest the detention sites. 

Tsuru for Solidarity became a way for the Japanese American and Japanese/Latin American community to voice their opinions about the detention centers within the United States, said Kathy Kojimoto, press liaison for the group.

Kojimoto said they are demanding the ICE contract with Yuba County to end. They also intend to protest the conditions ICE detainees endure and for a transgender detainee who was transferred to a remote location in Texas on Christmas night. 

“The importance (is) to speak out against the social justices that keep happening, (and) to put an end to past, present and future camps. History is constantly repeating itself,” Kojimoto said.

The protest is planned for Sat, Jan. 11, from 12-2:30 p.m. outside the Yuba County Jail.

According to Anderson there are some slight similarities between detainees and inmates when it comes to how the detainees are treated. 

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