Mike Leahy

Mike Leahy

Incumbent Mike Leahy recently announced his candidacy for re-election for the Yuba County 2nd District supervisor’s seat. He was first elected to the position in 2016.

According to a news release, Leahy withdrew from the CalPers retirement program. He said that elected representatives “should not build a retirement on the back of the people who elected them.”

He noted the following accomplishments in his news release:

– Approved funding for four blocks of sidewalks and streetlights near Cedar Lane School in west Linda.

– A multi-family housing project will be going in on Feather River Blvd, and sidewalks and lighting are also scheduled for that area.

– He participated in the Sacramento Area Coalition of Governments to secure funding for the 5th Street project.

– Selected a new provider for Yuba Sutter Transit, resulting in increased salaries and benefits.

“Economic development, bringing jobs and businesses to our area is the pathway to prosperity for all,” he said in the press release. “We now have taken action to bring infrastructure that will allow new business to relocate to Yuba County.

He also said he is a proponent “for bringing fresh water back into Ellis Lake and restoring its beauty.”

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