Local Congressman John Garamendi (Democrat) and neighboring Congressman Doug LaMalfa (Republican) issued statements after being sworn in for the 117th Congress.

“Today, as I took my oath of office, I was reminded of the awesome responsibility I have to ‘create a more perfect union,’ to act in all ways consistent with the Constitution, to advance economic and social opportunities for all Americans, to protect our home, the Earth, from the destruction of climate change, and to secure the safety of our country from domestic and foreign threats,” Garamendi said.

 “The most pressing and immediate challenge before the 117th Congress is to provide the much-needed resources to defeat COVID-19 and restore the economic wellbeing of Americans that have lost so much due to this pandemic. …

“I will also fight throughout the 117th to ensure every American has equal access to an affordable education, and that our K-12 and public university systems are fully supported.

“My work as chairman of the Armed Services Subcommittee on Readiness will also continue, where I will work to support the missions at Travis and Beale Air Force Bases, ensure our nation has a strong defense against the recent string of cyber-attacks it has faced, and that our military helps address the global threat posed by climate change.

“I will also continue my work as a senior member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee to create new jobs in our region by promoting my ‘Make It In America’ and ‘Buy American’ policies that will help rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure with American materials and workers. …”  

 LaMalfa noted that this Congress is one of the most evenly divided in history with Democrats holding a slim 222-211, majority, with two seats still in question.

“I am looking forward to a successful term in Congress. While Washington and our country remain bitterly divided, I will continue to focus on common sense reforms that improve the lives of our constituents. 

“We should be able to finish the permitting and begin construction of Sites Reservoir, a project that I have worked towards for too many years.

“I am also optimistic that I can make significant progress on improving federal forestry policy, so that we can accelerate much needed forest management and turning trees into useable products and biomass power. This would return many jobs back into the woods and help make our rural communities much more fire resistant.  I expect many hard-fought battles ahead, but I will always be focused on what works for us in the ‘real world’, not what sounds good to the DC press corps or Capitol insiders.”

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