Fungus Foray planned for December

Fungi enthusiasts will unite next month for the 22nd annual Yuba Watershed Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition in Nevada County.

The event, organized by the Yuba Watershed Institute, is planned for Dec. 14-15 on the San Juan Ridge in Nevada County. Participants will both learn about different fungi during workshops by experts and get the opportunity to go out into the field and forage different sites.

This year’s event will also see participants help document the biodiversity of the Sierra Nevada fungi as part of the North America Mycoflora Project.

Events planned for Saturday (12/14) run from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and will include presentations on the “Introduction to the Foray” and “Basic Forms of Fungi and Where to Find Them” by local mycologist and naturalist Daniel Nicholson; “Fungi of Vanuatu” by mycologist and professor Dr. Brian Perry; and “Mushrooms that Glow in the Dark: Bioluminescent and Fluorescent Fungi” by mushroom identification expert Alan Rockefeller. 

Sunday’s events run form 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and will include workshops like a “Wild Mushroom Cooking Demonstration” by chef Todd Spanier; “Fungi of The Andes Mountains” by biologist and photographer Damon Tighe; “Growing and Restoring with Fungi in the Landscape” by mushroom cultivator Christopher Hodge; and “Sierra Mycoflora Project and What We Know of the Sierra Fungi” by local mycologist and naturalist Daniel Nicholson. 

General admission costs $30 for Saturday and $15 for Sunday, with discounts for members of the Yuba Watershed Institute, as well as for children and full-time students. 

For more information, contact or call 650-483-3378.

Sutter County upgrades records database

Sutter County residents can now access property data from anywhere there is an internet connection or cellular service. 

Donna Johnston, clerk-recorder for the county, announced that Sutter County recently went live with a new, online searchable database of maps for residents to utilize. 

“This system brings our maps into the digital age,” she said in a press release. “Now any Sutter County citizen can find recorded map data regarding their property such as lot lines, parcel numbers, survey monuments, etc., easily from their phones, desktops and tablets.”

The new system was developed with the county’s Information Technology Department and county’s Geographic Information System specialist, Jarvis Jones, she said. 

To access the new map data, go to, click on the clerk-recorder’s webpage under the government tab, and then select maps, which takes the user to the map index. There, resident can search for recorded subdivision maps, parcel maps, record of survey maps and other information. 

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