Local school districts are continuing to work on reopening plans for the upcoming school year. In March, schools throughout the state closed down in-person instruction and shifted to distance learning due to COVID-19.


Yuba City Unified

Doreen Osumi, superintendent of Yuba City Unified School District, said the district is continuing to work on their reopening plan and that an informational video has been released on the district website for families and the community regarding the reopening plan.

In the video, Osumi notes that the proposed hybrid models were developed based on responses to a parent survey, a staff survey along with administrator meetings.

Guidelines from the California Department of Education’s “Stronger Together” document and from the California Department of Public Health and the local health departments were also utilized.

Pamela Aurangzeb, assistant superintendent of education services for the district, said during the video that there are a few restrictions they need to keep in mind, including social distancing, which requires students to have six feet of distance in the classroom; no regrouping of students, which means one group of students per class per day; and thorough cleaning between groups of students, meaning they need to build time into the schedule for cleaning classrooms between groups of students.

During the video it was stated that the first choice would be to bring all students back into the classroom, however, with current guidelines that would be challenging.

Two different hybrid models that combine in-classroom learning and remote learning were highlighted in the video:

– One of the models is a two days at school model – which has one group of students attending Monday and Tuesday with cleaning taking place on Wednesday and another group of students attending Thursday and Friday. When students aren’t in the classroom, they would be learning from home.

– Another model is the week at school model – which has one group of students attending for four days of the week, such as Monday through Thursday with cleaning taking place on Friday, and a different group of students attending the next week and they would alternate. Similar to the first model, students would learn from home on the days they’re not in school.

During the video, Aurangzeb discussed the pros and cons of each model and also gave information about the district’s independent study program. 

Osumi said the district is also seeking feedback through the district website.

There is a special board meeting scheduled for July 7  (today) to hear about the feedback received from parents, staff and the community.

The informational video is available in English, Spanish and Punjabi and the feedback form are available at www.ycusd.org under “Fall 20-21 Re-Opening Plan.”


Marysville Joint Unified

Gary Cena, superintendent of Marysville Joint Unified School District, said the district is working on plans for reopening and school is planned to start on Aug. 12.

“We’re utilizing the California Department of Public Health’s guidelines as well as California Department of Education’s ‘Stronger Together’ (which provides guidance for reopening schools),” Cena said. “The key components of social distancing, wearing of facial coverings and the disinfecting and proper hygiene amid that we understand that what everyone wants is to have as much direct contact between students and teachers as possible.”

Cena said the most important element of learning is the relationship between students and their teachers so the goal is to maximize the number of days students are in the classroom.

The “Stronger Together” guidelines, Cena said, provide information on three education models – distance learning, in-classroom instruction and a hybrid of the two.

The district is also trying to create a system that can transition through instructional delivery modes depending on the spread of COVID-19 and public health guidelines.

“We will communicate to parents and we will make available on our website the ideas upon which we’re operating and we hope to have a specific plan for parents more toward the end of the month,” Cena said.

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