The city of Yuba City will be installing banners on decorative light poles along the Bridge Street corridor and across the Twin Cities Memorial Bridge to honor local veterans as part of the Hometown Hero banner program.

“The city is seeking banner applications from family and friends of local veterans who are active duty, or who have served our country in the United States Armed Forces, offering an opportunity to recognize Yuba City, Sutter County, Marysville, and Yuba County’s Hometown Heroes,” read a release issued by the city.

Honorees must have lived in Yuba County or Sutter County at some point; served in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, National Guard, Reserves or Coast Guard; and must also be active duty, honorably discharged, retired, MIA or have died in the line of duty.

“We would like to get the initial display of banners up on 76 light poles no later than August 1,”  said George Barlow, program coordinator for Yuba City. “Although this program will be ongoing, applications and photos are due by July 12 for the initial display of Yuba-Sutter ‘Hometown Heroes’ banners.”

Each double-sided 30” x 72” banner will be made with heavy-duty vinyl and cost $125.00.

Banner sponsorship applications and photo submission guidelines are available at

For more information, call 822-4638 or email

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