A 49-year-old Sutter woman was arrested outside of the White House on Monday night after law enforcement reportedly located a loaded crossbow in her vehicle.

Stacy Pamela Banta was arrested and charged with misdemeanors for carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of a destructive device.

The incident occurred near the White House Visitor Center in Washington, D.C. According to the Washington Post, Banta reportedly approached a uniformed Secret Service officer and told them that she was in possession of crossbow bolts – another term for an arrow. She then reportedly told the officer that there was a crossbow in her vehicle.

The officer located one crossbow, loaded with an arrow, along with other arrows inside Banta’s vehicle, which resulted in her arrest.

Loren Banta, the suspect’s father, told the Washington Post that his daughter left home recently and turned up unexpectedly in Florida before he lost track of her. He said his daughter was a supporter of President Donald Trump and that he had no idea why she would go to the White House.

Banta made her initial court appearance in Washington on Tuesday, where she pleaded not guilty to the charges. She is scheduled to appear in court again on Dec. 12.

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