Janine Hasey

After more than 36 years as the local UC Cooperative Extension tree crops and environmental horticulture advisor, Janine Hasey announced she would be retiring at the end of June.

After nearly four decades as the Yuba-Sutter area’s tree crops and environmental horticulture advisor for the UC Cooperative Extension, Janine Hasey recently announced that she would leave the position at the end of June.

In addition to being a local advisor for UCCE for over 36 years, Hasey has spent the past five years as the Yuba-Sutter county director.

“Every day was different and there were always new challenges and many wonderful individuals I interacted with that kept my job very interesting,” Hasey said. “I have seen a lot of changes in the tree crop industries during my time as an advisor and feel privileged to have contributed to some of the improved changes. I really appreciate all the support from the growers and industries I served over the years.” 

The longtime advisor announced her retirement earlier this month. She said there were a number of factors that led her to the decision to retire.

“Retiring from the university as an Emeritus Advisor means I can focus on work like research and writing and without the administrative and staff management work, I’ll have a lot less stress,” she said. “I’ll also have free time for travel and other pursuits.”

Some of the aspects of her job that she’ll miss most are the farm calls, diagnostic work and the growers and pest control advisors she’s worked with over the years. She said the position provided her a lot of flexibility to pursue orchard crop problems as they arose. 

“I really like diagnosing orchard and landscape problems and offering solutions,” she said. “Other parts I really enjoy include collaborative research projects with my colleagues and grower cooperators, mentoring new advisors, advising our many dedicated volunteer UC Master Gardeners, and the opportunity for international travel.”

The job also provided her the opportunity to see locations throughout the Yuba-Sutter area often overlooked by most. She said the most interesting areas were those off the main roads, including Yuba-Sutter’s beautiful orchards, kiwifruit vineyards, interesting homes, gardens and oak woodlands. 

With retirement ahead, Hasey said she looks forward to the extra time she’ll have to do the things she loves most. She plans to continue working on research projects, serving on industry advisory boards, mentoring new advisors and writing publications and articles. 

“I’m looking forward to planning my days on my own terms and tackling my bucket list of places I’d like to visit,” she said. “Everyone tells me that they are actually busier after they retire. That’s probably a good thing for me because I’m not one who sits around much.” 

Friday was Hasey’s last day at the helm. Replacing her as the Yuba-Sutter area’s director will be Whitney Brim-DeForest, who is also the local UCCE rice advisor.

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