The second annual Lotus Moon water lantern festival returns to Marysville’s Ellis Lake on Saturday.

As a child growing up in Marysville, Kristine Xiong remembers the fun she used to have at Ellis Lake. 

Xiong said it’s a beautiful spot and needs to be cherished by the community. 

She and three of her buddies came up with an idea to bring life back to the lake -- it’s called the Lotus Moon Water Lantern Festival, and it was in full swing Saturday evening for the second straight year. 

“We’re celebrating all walks of life, all cultures and genders,” Xiong said. “We’re enjoying a night out at the lake.” 

Xiong said there are four different lanterns that people could purchase, each one telling a “different story.” 

Xiong was hopeful that proceeds of the event would go toward helping to revamp Ellis Lake, as well as making the festival an annual get-together.

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