Marysville officials added a new feature to the city’s website meant to help promote economic development within the city. 

The city contracted with CGI Communications to put together the new “Video Tours” feature, which highlights local businesses and different growth opportunities the city provides.

“The idea is to invite interest and investment into the city, as well as promote economic development, especially to those who do not know and/or live in the bi-county region,” said City Manager Marti Brown. “The city can also use it as an ‘invitation’ tool to prospective investors that we might want to engage for new development in the city. For example, at some point in the near future, we will start marketing the B Street Property and these videos could be a great tool for engaging prospective investors for that property and/or any number of other projects/properties in the city.”

Council members wanted the feature to focus on different themes like economic development, parks, recreation, culture and arts, history and community organizations.

“The message is that there are opportunities in Marysville, not only for new businesses but to live in,” said Mayor Ricky Samayoa. “I think this is a way for us to show the outside world that there are some good things happening and we wanted to showcase them, especially with economic development, but also the diversity of our businesses here.” 

The city has a contract with CGI for three years. Brown said the videos didn’t cost the city anything to make.

“The city provided CGI with a sponsorship letter telling businesses in the city about the project and what we’re trying to accomplish,” she said. “If businesses and nonprofits choose to use CGI’s paid services (e.g. a video about their business) a portion of those proceeds were contributed toward making the city’s videos at no cost to the city.” 

Logos of participating businesses surround the city’s “community movies.” Some of the businesses have advertisement videos that pop up when you click on the logo, while the rest of the logos serve as a link to the specific business’ website. 

The new feature will remain on the city’s website homepage for the remainder of the contract. To check it out, go to

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