Marysville residents will see a bump in their sewage bills next month after Marysville City Council members voted 5-0 on Tuesday to raise rates for households and commercial businesses. 

It’s the first sewage rate increase since 2012 and it didn’t come without lots of discussion from council members. 

“It was a very difficult decision to make, I never want to tax the public,” Councilman Bill Simmons said. “(But) public safety is at stake, our infrastructure is in dire straits.”

The rate adjustment will be $12.15 a month – bringing the total to $48.95 beginning Oct. 1 for households. For commercial businesses, the rate bump is a 38 percent increase, or $16.00 a month. 

Simmons said despite the increases across the board, there is reason for optimism as city staff was directed on Tuesday to investigate possible relief for senior citizens.

Despite proposed three percent future increases, Simmons said there won’t necessarily be another hike next year.

“If $12 takes care of it, I would not vote for another rate (increase),” he said. 

Simmons said there were about 200-plus letters opposing the latest rate increase, which did not meet the threshold to deny council from taking action. Simmons said 51 percent of residents have to oppose it. 

The new rate schedule will be broken down several different ways: $3.00 will go toward the required cash flow reserve to meet the bond holder commitment; $1.97 will begin to help pay off a $2 million loan from the Linda County Water District; $1.97 to help with future capital projects with the Linda Water District; and $5.21 goes toward the year-to-year operating costs. 

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