There will be a special meeting of the  Marysville City Council at 6 p.m. Thursday for a public hearing regarding a proposed amendment to the city ordinance allowing adult use and delivery of retail cannabis products. 

It is an action item, so upon conclusion of the hearing the council could pass a motion, according to the city agenda. 

On Sept. 26, the planning commission unanimously voted that the council adopt the proposed amendments with the following recommendations: 

– The commission proposed eliminating the definition of a youth center, including parks. All references to a library were tol remain in the ordinance and would read as follows:  A dispensary is to not be within 500 feet of any library used by minors. 

– Adding in a provision for religious facilities that have youth programs including sports and playgrounds. The ordinance should read as follows: A dispensary shall not be within 500 feet of any religious facilities that have active youth programs. 

– Expanding the definitions of retail, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, microbusiness and testing.

According to the council bylaws, members of the public will each have three minutes to address the proposed amendment. 

The meeting will be at City Hall, 526 C Street.

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