Marysville lights

The light pole in front of Marysville City Hall is pictured Friday with an orange ribbon on it, signifying that it’s in need of a light bulb change.

In an effort to help make the streets throughout Marysville a little brighter, a small group of concerned citizens are helping the city replace lights that have either gone out completely or are on the verge of going dark.

On Monday, the group of residents set out for the first time to place orange ribbons around streetlight poles that required a bulb change. The reason for the placement of the ribbons, said Marysville Councilman Stuart Gilchrist, is to support the public works department for the city and its efforts in keeping the lights on.

“This is yet another money saving effort I created to also build community spirit and pride,” Gilchrist said. “We’ve already compiled a complete list of light poles by their assigned numbers but also street address and location.”

Those involved in the informal committee include Betty Huckins, Valerie Sutton, Margie Rollins, Michelle Barker, Marylin Aaberg-Russell, Melanee Vieira, Diana McHugh and Peppie Shrader.

Gilchrist said once the list is completed, it will be given to Marysville City Manager Jim Schaad.

“We met on Monday at City Hall with Stuart Gilchrist, Betty Huckins and Valerie Sutton to look at the map of the lights in the city,” said Rollins, who was recently appointed to the Marysville Planning Commission. “We wanted just a general map to see where they were.”

Rollins, a 55-year resident of Marysville, said the idea for the ribbons was sparked after the recent Marysville Christmas Parade. She said Sutton had noticed that some of the lights on C Street were out during the parade, making it hard to see.

After speaking with Gilchrist about the issue, Rollins said the group was formed. 

Rollins said the group went in two separate cars early Monday evening and identified 26 light bulbs in downtown Marysville and East Marysville that were either out, dim or blinking.

She said her intentions for helping with the project were just to make the city a better and safer place for everyone who lives and visits the area.

“I was just trying to make sure our residents are safe when they’re out on the street and our city is well lit for safety,” Rollins said.

She said the group plans on continuing the effort every Monday “until we’ve covered the city.”

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