From left to right: Marysville graduates Braedon Bronson, John Garrison, A.J. Meyer, Matthew Schuy, Mason McCutcheon and Destiny Roberts meet in the gym prior to Friday’s ceremony at War Memorial Stadium.

With a cool breeze in the air Friday night at War Memorial Stadium, Marysville High School graduated its 146th class in school history. 

Among the 166 students graduating was class valedictorian and ASB president, Matthew Schuy.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting to be named valedictorian so it was sort of a pleasant surprise,” said Schuy. 

The future UCLA Bruin couldn’t be more proud to be apart of Marysville’s 2019 class as he said he feels there’s something just a little different about his classmates. 

“I feel like we’re the perfect mix of motivated but still keeping things light and always seeing humor in things,” said Schuy. “I love our drive to always do the right thing and make sure everyone’s included,” added the graduate. 

As for Schuy’s theme for his speech during the ceremony, he wanted to make sure to talk about how important it is to work hard.

“A lot of what makes people so successful is their hard work, I think as all of us move on to our next chapters, it’s important we keep that mentality,” said Schuy. 

One familiar face for a lot students is Marysville High principal Shevaun Matthews. Other than being able to see her in the hallways everyday at school, the class of 2019 has had a unique journey with the administrator as majority of the students had Matthews as their principal in middle school. 

“I sort of view this class as I would my own kids. I’ve been with them since back in their middle schools days so it’s pretty special to now see them graduate here today,” said Matthews. “I hope they all stay in touch and never shy away from reaching out,” added the principal.

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