A handful of vehicle burglaries were the only reported crimes at the Sikh Festival, according to Sutter County Sheriff’s Office Cap. Chad Niswonger. 

Niswonger said five to six forced entry vehicle burglaries took place on Sunday, the day of the parade, most of them parked cars on Pease Road and Tierra Buena Road. Niswonger said that number of burglaries was up from previous festival weekends. 

In addition, there were missing persons reports during and after the parade. He said there are generally five to 10 missing persons that are reported that are generally children and dependent adults. 

There were two missing person locations set up during the parade for people to report missing persons. 

There were also a few cardiac related medical calls on the parade route that medical personnel were able to respond to in a timely matter, according to Niswonger. 

In the days leading up to the festival the temple hires Sutter County deputies to work overtime to be on duty around the grounds to deal with verbal arguments and pushing and shoving that typically takes place, Niswonger said. 

A total of 300-350 people from the Yuba City Police Department, Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, probation officers, Butte County deputies, Butte County bomb squad, along with fire and medical personnel were on duty over the weekend.

Niswonger said law enforcement had been meeting with temple leadership for months to prepare for the weekend and it was a joint effort among law enforcement, fire, medical, temple leadership and members of the community. 

“I think with any event it takes a lot of work behind the scenes,” Niswonger said. “It’s not a result of one agency or group.”

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