new Fifth Street Bridge

The new Fifth Street Bridge is under construction with the final section of the deck scheduled to be poured next week. 

The final portion of the deck on the new Fifth Street Bridge is to be poured next week, according to project manager Mehrdad Varzandeh. 

The Fifth Street Bridge replacement project includes a new Fifth Street Bridge that will connect with a new Second Street Bridge on the Yuba City side of the project. The deck for the smaller Second Street bridge was laid in December and crews are in the process of tying together the two sections.

The new Fifth Street Bridge is already carrying traffic, one lane in each direction on the north edge. When the project is complete two lanes will travel each way, east and west. Almost all of the deck of the south side has been laid except for the final third that is scheduled to be laid next week.

“The bridge work is going to continue through the winter months,” Varzandeh said.

While work continues on the new Fifth Street Bridge, the final stages of demolition of the old Fifth Street Bridge are being prepped by crews. The old bridge has been taken down except for the section that is sitting in Feather River. 

Because of the remaining section being above water, a more controlled demolition is required, which takes more preparation. Varzandeh said crews are building temporary supports for the old bridge as controlled wire saws and cranes are used to remove the deck and part of the columns without crews going into the water.

Environmental protections limit when construction crews are allowed to go into the water. Crews are allowed in the Feather River from June 1 to Oct. 1. The controlled demolition will begin at the end of January or early in February, according to Varzandeh. 

“Before we even entertain going into the water we need to get the deck off,” Varzandeh said.

He can apply for a permit that would allow crews into Feather River outside of the four-month window but he said that won’t happen until after the first part of the demolition takes place.

“I don’t anticipate that happening in January or February,” Varzandeh said. 

The bridge work and demolition of the old bridge is dependent on the weather being cooperative. Rain will stop work on the bridge and if the Feather River rises, the removal of the old deck won’t be possible. 

The project is expected to be completed late this summer. 

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