new housing project

An aerial view of where the new housing project will be constructed on Bridge Street between Tharp Road and North Walton Avenue.

New housing starts have been hard to come by in recent years throughout the state for a variety of reasons. Yuba City will look to change that by adding a combination of single-family and multi-family housing options after officials approved plans for a multi-use property last week.

During its most recent meeting, the Yuba City Council unanimously approved a general plan amendment and rezone for a 5.73-acre plot on Bridge Street between Tharp Road and North Walton Avenue. The site is currently vacant, but plans call for the site to include six single-family residential lots, 10 duplex lots, a 1.27 acre multiple-family lot, and a 0.6-acre office lot.

“I like the project because we need more growth,” said Councilman Dave Shaw during the Sept. 17 meeting. “This is one thing we’ve talked about since we started this council in its current configuration last December.”

After the Yuba City Planning Commission tentatively approved a subdivision map for the property, the City Council needed to amend the city’s general plan to allow for a rezone – essentially switching the plots from business/technology/light industry to low-/medium-/high-density residential. The single-family residential lots will be located on the westside of the property, while the duplexes would be situated in the middle. Toward the northeast side of the plot would be an apartment complex, with the remaining land being designated for offices.

Denis Cook, a planning consultant for the city, said the project is not expected to have any significant impacts, either for surrounding properties or traffic in the area. 

While no date has been set on when construction would start, the property owner expressed to officials that they intended to start the process as soon as possible, said Vicrim Chima, planning manager for Yuba City.  

“I think this is huge, from the perspective that it’s not only single-family housing but a mix of different types of housing usage, which is really the basis for what the housing crisis and its solution is going to be in the next 20 years. This not only will add options for single families but the duplexes will appeal to smaller families with less socioeconomic resources, as well as the multi-family project,” Chima said. “Overall, I think this is really a great project and moves us in the right direction of providing our residents with a variety of affordable options.”

Chima said the next steps will involve the property manager locking down a developer, who will then look to procure financing and engage in the building permit process.

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