The Yuba River Endowment presents members of the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control and Search and Rescue teams with a check to help fund an animal evacuation center at the Yuba County Sheriff’s Posse Arena in Browns Valley. 

The Yuba River Endowment recently donated over $44,000 to fund an animal evacuation center at the Yuba County Sheriff’s Posse Arena in Browns Valley, the largest donation made to date by the nonprofit group of Yuba County farmers.

The $44,443.40 donation will be used to build a concrete stem wall and hay storage area at the facility, as well as purchase 300 horse panels, 60 hog panels, stall identification tags, and water tubs.

“During the North Complex Fire we sheltered over 120 horses and farm animals at the Posse Arena, all with volunteer time and supplies,” said Yuba County Search and Rescue Captain Terri Ayers in a press release. “As wildfires and mass evacuations become more frequent, we need the infrastructure and supplies to maintain a true animal evacuation center.”

The Yuba County Sheriff's Animal Care Services partners with posse members to help evacuate animals and care for them during public safety events that require residents to evacuate their homes and properties for an extended period of time.

During the North Complex Fire, the all-volunteer posse physically removed animals from various residences, gathered donated supplies to set-up an evacuation area, and coordinated services to shelter the animals at the Posse Arena.

“Many residents had no way to move their animals, but they would not evacuate until they knew their animals were safe,” said Yuba County Animal Control Manager Heather Nall in a press release. “We had horses, pigs, goats, sheep, even chickens, and many animals stayed at the Posse Arena for almost three weeks during the last incident.”

Yuba River Endowment board member Mike Filice said the Posse Arena’s location is ideal for a central animal evacuation center. He said posse volunteers are the unsung heroes of Yuba County, and the board thanks them for their dedication and vision to make the animal evacuation center a reality.

The nonprofit group formed in late 2019 and has donated over $200,000 to support various efforts in the Yuba-Sutter area. Farmers that are part of the organization have a right to water that flows on the Yuba River. The water is used to provide the required flow levels to protect endangered species of fish on the Yuba River. Once the water reaches a certain point, it can be sold downriver to drought-stricken areas of the state. Some of the proceeds from those water transfers go toward the Yuba River Endowment.

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