The Sutter County Fire Department announced that an open fire ban will go into effect in the Sutter Buttes area starting Friday night.

The ban is implemented annually in an effort to reduce the occurrence of destructive fires within the Sutter Buttes.

Areas where the ban will be in effect are located inside the following: West Butte Road, North Butte Road, Powell Road, Pennington Road, south on Township Road, west on Clark Road, East Butte Road, Ahlf Road, Mallott Road, west on Butte House Road, north on Oak Street, west on Butte Avenue, south on Acacia Avenue, west on Griffith Lane, south on Perry, and West on South Butte Road to its intersection with West Butte Road.

The department is advising all persons with permits to complete their burning prior to 5 p.m. on May 7. Homeowners and ranchers are asked to maintain their residences and other structures clear of dry vegetation.

Areas located within the burn ban area may receive a special burn permit from the local fire department, which will inspect the site and may approve a special burn, if, in their opinion, it is safe to do so. No burning without an approval inspection by the fire department will be allowed during the ban on fires.

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