Sutter County is considering a proposal to establish a new tri-color placard program that gives a visual indication to patrons at commercial food facilities of their latest food safety inspection.

Under the proposed program, food establishments would be required to post a color-coded placard indicating their compliance with state environmental health laws. A green placard would specify that the establishment passed the most recent inspection, a yellow placard would mean they passed with conditions, and a red placard would indicate that the facility was closed due to an immediate health threat.

The program was recommended by the Sutter County Community Development Department last year. The county board of supervisors was expected to hold a public hearing regarding the proposal during a meeting last October, but after receiving letters from commercial kitchen operators questioning the program, the county decided to postpone the hearing.

Now, the county is planning, in cooperation with the Yuba-Sutter Chamber of Commerce, an open house to provide more information about the program to the public and to gather feedback. The open house is scheduled for Jan. 21 from 2-3 p.m. at Ettl Hall – 1333 Butte House Road, Yuba City. 

According to the county, the placarding system is designed to minimize occurrence of the five most critical risk factors for foodborne illness in the county as identified by the Center for Disease Control, which include: food from unsafe sources, improper cooking temperatures, improper holding temperatures, contaminated utensils and equipment, and poor employee health and hygiene. 

Currently, commercial food establishments in the county are required to have a copy of their most recent inspection report available for customer review upon request, and the county’s Environmental Health Division posts its inspection reports on the county’s website. 

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