Donny Pauling

Prior to his trial, Donny Pauling prepares to represent himself at the Sutter County Courthouse on Thursday, September 24, 2015 in Yuba City.

Donny Pauling won his first motion representing himself Thursday when a Sutter County judge agreed to postpone his trial to give him more time to prepare.

Judge Susan E. Green pushed back the Sept. 29 trial date to Dec. 1.

Charged with 19 counts of unlawful sex acts against three teen girls, Pauling fired attorney Roberto Marquez last week and began to represent himself.

Pauling, who said he left the pornography business in 2006, said he needed additional time because he only has two hours a day to work in the jail's law library. His bail is $1,025,000.

"I still don't know what I don't know yet," he told Green.

Deputy District Attorney Anu Chopra objected to postponing the trial, called it a delaying tactic and argued the victims were ready to testify. Thirty-five witnesses would have to be resubpoenaed to appear.

"Tell me why if I don't grant the continuance and he's convicted, this won't be reversed on appeal," Green asked Chopra before granting the motion.

The possibility of a plea deal was also briefly discussed. Pauling rejected a seven-year prison deal. He would serve at least half of the time, Chopra said.

They plan to continue plea negotiations.

Pauling filed a list of witnesses he intends to call, and while describing what testimony or evidence those individuals would provide, he said many were religious leaders who could speak about his character and his behavior around teenage girls.

Pauling named a few witnesses he said would testify they heard an alleged victim threaten to accuse Pauling of the current charges.

He plans to call a psychologist, who would testify Pauling spoke with him in 2011 about an erectile dysfunction that would prevent Pauling from performing some of the acts he is accused of engaging in with underage girls, he said. Pauling is charged with statutory rape.

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