(From left): Yuba City Council members Grace Espindola and Manny Cardoza stand with the Mayor’s Cup Pickleball Challenge winners Brenda Hood and Mike Johnson on Sept. 13 at Sam Brannan Park.

Yuba City organized its first Mayor’s Cup Pickleball Challenge last Friday on the city’s new courts at Sam Brannan Park and raised $4,540 to benefit local organizations. 

The event, sponsored by Ron and Norma Giovanetti, saw nine teams of two people each compete in a friendly tournament.

“I really enjoy these types of events, similar to Dancing with Our Stars, where it’s really a win-win; no matter what happens, you will have a good fun community event for a good cause, and the more money the better,” said Yuba City Mayor Shon Harris. “This is just the starting off point, our first of what we hope to have annually.” 

The funds will go toward the foster parenting agency Environmental Alternatives, to Friends of Yuba City Parks and Recreation to help subsidize underprivileged kids participate in city recreational programs, and Casa de Esperanza, a shelter that provides services to local victims of abuse. 

Marsha Krouse-Taylor, executive director of Casa de Esperanza, said the event was a fun way to help raise unrestricted funds. 

“We use unrestricted funds to make our required match for our larger state grants. We may use the funds to pay insurance or special projects for our children’s programs,” Krouse-Taylor said. “Whatever isn’t covered by grant funds is fair game. We rely on our community and this is a perfect example of how they come through.”

The winners of the Sept. 13 tournament were Brenda Hood and Mike Johnson. 

“It’s a great opportunity to help out other members of the community. It’s just a really good feeling,” Harris said. “It’s our pleasure to host this event and we hope it grows for many years to come.” 

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