Both an alleged victim and a Yuba City Police officer took turns on the stand Thursday as the preliminary hearing of two Sacramento County men charged with human trafficking began in Sutter County Superior Court.

Eric Walker, 29, of Elk Grove and Majestic Boyd, 40, of Sacramento were arrested July 27 after allegedly kidnapping a female victim in the Sacramento area and transporting her to a Yuba City motel where they assaulted her and intended to traffic her for sex. It is also alleged that Walker raped the victim while at the motel.

The kidnapping and other alleged incidents took place on July 26. On July 27, the victim was able to escape Walker and Boyd and, with the help of a bystander, contacted YCPD. The two men were arrested after a traffic stop near the hotel.

During her testimony, the victim described befriending Boyd a couple weeks before July 26 in the Sacramento area and agreeing to meet with him on the 26th. When she was picked up by Boyd, Walker was in the car. With Boyd driving a dark gray SUV, the three left the Sacramento area. The victim said she was told the two men were driving to meet someone to pick up something purchased online but instead drove to Yuba City.

“All I know is I started seeing fields and I knew something was wrong,” said the victim describing the feeling of being taken away from what she was familiar with.

Boyd, Walker and the victim ended up at a hotel on Gray Avenue and upon going up to the room, Boyd jumped on top of the victim, started hitting her and accused her of taking his wallet, according to the victim’s testimony. She described both Boyd and Walker striking her and Walker grabbing her by the throat and saying, “I should kill you.” They then filled the bathtub with water and held her head under water several times. The victim said she did not try to escape because she was scared of what might happen given that she was in a room with two men larger than her. She described herself as being 5’1 and 150 pounds.

She then said she was drugged without her knowledge and while passed out, photos of her were taken without her consent while she was half-naked that were then posted online for the purpose of her to engage in prostitution. The victim said she was told by Boyd that this was to make up for the money she had taken when she allegedly took his wallet.

At some point during the night, Boyd left the room and that was when Walker allegedly raped her. She testified to saying “no” multiple times and that they had sex four times overnight. In the morning, she convinced Walker to let her go with a bystander outside the hotel to a convenience store. The bystander called law enforcement, leading to Walker and Boyd’s arrest.

Throughout the victim’s testimony, Boyd visibly reacted, shaking his head and snickering at her answers. At one point, Judge Susan Green admonished Boyd for mouthing words to the victim from his seat next to the attorneys’ table.

YCPD officer Brandon Martin described receiving the phone call from the bystander and talking with him and the victim over the phone. He conducted the traffic stop with other officers where Boyd and Walker were arrested.

The hearing will resume today at 9 a.m. with the victim being cross-examined by Boyd’s attorney Norman Hansen. Cross examination started Thursday just before lunch but was discontinued at around 1:30 p.m. due the victim feeling overwhelmed and having a migraine headache.

According to Deputy District Attorney Diego Heimlich, when Hansen asked her if it was true that she was a prostitute and had posted photos of herself online before, that shook her.

At the conclusion of the hearing Friday, Green will determine if there is enough evidence for the cases against both men to go to trial. Boyd is being held on $500,000 bail and Walker on $750,000.

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