Some Yuba-Sutter residents saw some ominous-looking clouds Monday afternoon – including funnel clouds – many shared their pictures and videos of the rapidly rotating and changing funnels.

A National Weather Service representative said there were several sightings, but they weren’t too worried.

“Right now we’re not too concerned about them. It’s not a tornado but we’re keeping an eye on them,” Julia Ann Lingenberg said.

It was a mixed day for weather. Locals woke to cloudy skies and wet parking lots Monday morning for what weather professionals said is a transition into a new season. 

“This is the first real rain in the area since May 26,” Lingenberg said. “There’s also been some lightning. We’re not expecting anything too intense but remember to take precautions.”

Lingenberg said the roads will be slicker so travelers should drive slower. She also said when there is lightening people should avoid swimming, tall objects, beaches and picnic shelters because of the metals and being outdoors. 

She also said when it comes to fire threats, the added moisture from the rain reduces the risk of fire but lightning increases it. 

She forecast a 40 percent chance of rain Wednesday, but said summer isn’t over and things are expected to heat back up over the next few days. 

“The rain can be a nice break but the community shouldn’t let their guard down,” said Ron Karlan, the Marysville Fire Department chief. “Precipitation is light right now. By the time the moisture hits the ground the wind dries it right up so the effect on fire risk is minimal. Until we start to see green grass growing, there will always be a big risk.”

With rain can also come concern for local harvesting operations, but Lisa Herbert, the Sutter County agricultural commissioner, said there should not be any interruptions to harvesting at this time with the light amount of rain received so far.

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