Yuba-Sutter residents should prepare for multiple days of precipitation this week, as the National Weather Service is forecasting back-to-back winter storms for Yuba and Sutter counties. 

The first storm, which brought in the rain over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, is expected to wrap up Wednesday into Thursday, NWS meteorologist Sierra Littlefield said. 

The break will be short-lived, though, as the weather service is forecasting another storm coming into the area Friday, Littlefield said. 

“Next system is a fairly moist system,” Littlefield said. 

Wind gusts are also expected to increase to about 25-30 mph, which could cause power outages, Littlefield said. 

As far as snow levels, Littlefield said, they’re expected to rise so there is little impact for Yuba and Sutter counties. 

“Not expecting snow in Sutter or Yuba County,” Littlefield said. 

With this week’s forecast, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Martin Oliveros recommends motorists take extra precautions on the road, starting with reducing speed. 

“We’re asking people to slow down,” Oliveros said. “Higher speed (means) more distance is required to stop … Roads are going to be slippery.” 

Typically, Oliveros said traffic accidents do happen more often with multiple days of rain, yet there hasn’t been anything unusual this year. 

Oliveros wants people to stay prepared when traveling in the foothill areas where there could be an abundance of snow. Too much snowfall and residents need to consider other arrangements for travel or postponing trips, Oliveros said. 

“Stay away from driving during heavy periods of snow,” Oliveros said.

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