Reaction amongst Appeal readers was somewhat mixed concerning a documentary released recently on Netflix titled “Fire in Paradise.”

The documentary features stories of survivors of the deadly Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise and other small communities in Butte County. It started one year ago and was the deadliest wildfire in the state. 

The 40-minute documentary includes interviews with both first responders and survivors and clips of smartphone videos, news stories and other footage of and about the Camp Fire.

We asked some of our Facebook followers what their thoughts were. Some said they felt that it was pretty good, but it could have had more information.

“I thought it was pretty good but it could have been better,” Lisa A. Johnston wrote. “It could have been longer with more info about the town and its residents, more interviews of survivors or those who lost a loved one and more info on how and why the fire started.”

Another compared it to a “Frontline” episode with the same title.

“I think Frontline’s show did better at representing the situation, but that neither Frontline’s nor Netflix’s shows could accurately portray the tremendous amount of loss, destruction and anguish that the fire itself produced,” Lori Fuller wrote. “I noticed that in neither show did they pay much attention to the post-fire situation. After all, the fire is just the beginning of the disaster ...”

However, one of the most common reactions seemed to be: “heartbreaking.”

“I couldn’t hold back the tears,” Roby Ortiz wrote. “Paradise will always be in my heart.”

Some said they don’t plan on watching the film – as they don’t want to relive that day. 

“I haven’t watched it and I don’t want to,” Jen Lawton wrote. “Many residents opted to not relive that day for this documentary, some of my family members included. They didn’t want the painful reminder of what was supposed to be their forever home, was quickly burned to the ground and nothing but dirt and the chimney remained.”

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