Red Cross Trailer

Bobby Letsinger rallied volunteers to recover the trailer from the Feather River. 


An American Red Cross trailer from Yuba City was stolen last weekend and Sunday was fished out of the Feather River.

Nuriddin Ziyadinov, executive director for the area American Red Cross, said the trailer was stolen Saturday night from their Yuba City warehouse. 

The trailer carried immediate needs supplies for setting up shelters, Ziyadinov said. 

The trailer was found around 7 a.m. in the Feather River in Sutter County by Bobby Letsinger of Marysville. 

“I was with my buddy; we were fishing,” said  Letsinger. “We know the river really well (and) you can tell it hadn’t been there that long.”

Ziyadinov said they tried to remove the trailer from the river with the use of a tow truck, but were unsuccessful. They thought they’d need a crane to et the trailer out of the water. 

But with the help of Letsinger and a couple of other volunteers, Red Cross was able to get the trailer out of the river Sunday evening.

“We used two truck winches and a boat to get it out of the water,” said Letsinger. “Took about two and a half hours.”

In order to prevent trailers from being stolen the Red Cross will be taking more preventative measures – making sure there will be locks on the trailers, stored in a more secluded location and much more internal security he said.

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