Yuba City may be awarded $2 million in funding for a bike path closure project.

The city plans to connect the existing Sutter Bike Path to a new park to be built along Harter Parkway and the grant would also fund a shared path for bikes and pedestrians along Harter Parkway between Butte House Road and State Route 20, according to a press release.

The grant would come from the Sacramento Area Council of Governments Regional Funding program and the determination on whether Yuba City will receive the funds will be made on Dec. 20, said Ben Moody, deputy public works director for Yuba City, in an email.

“I appreciate the ongoing work of city staff and SACOG for securing necessary funding to enhance our community assets,” said John Buckland, council member and SACOG director, in the press release.

To obtain the funding, Yuba City will need to coordinate the design and construction of the project and then the city will receive the funding through reimbursement after completion, Moody said.

“The funding is slated for construction costs including construction management to build the project,” he said. 

The scope of work includes building the Class 1 bike path and sidewalks along the west side of Harter Parkway from Butte House Road to Highway 20 and construct the bike path connection from Harter Parkway west to Hooper Road, Moody said. Which will be about 1.3 miles of bike and pedestrian path and sidewalk.

The project is expected to cost $2.241 million and $1.984 million will come from the SACOG Regional Funding program.

Moody said closing the gap in the path would allow residents living in homes west of Harter Parkway to easily access the nearby shopping center and provide a safe path of travel for students at nearby schools. 

“In addition, constructing the project will enhance the (city’s) community facilities with the Sutter Bike Path by extending it to a new parking area at the park and providing a direct route to the Sutter Buttes,” he said.

Community, health and economic benefits are all important reasons for having biking and hiking paths in the area, Moody said. 

“Biking and walking paths provide the city’s residents with safe routes to use for both recreation and commuting,” he said. “Since trails are protected from vehicle traffic, they provide a safe transportation alternative for new bike riders, parents with children or commuters who might otherwise feel unsafe walking/biking.”

The paths also promote an active lifestyle and people who come to the area to utilize the paths while spending money along with increased property values are some economic benefits.

The Harter Park is not yet built and is being funded with a combination of city funds ($800,000) and a California State Parks Grant and Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant ($800,000), Moody said. The expected construction cost is around $1.6 million.

Moody said staff is working with a goal to have the bike path project complete in coordination with the completion of the park in the summer of 2020.

“I have no doubt this project will be a great addition to our community,” said Preet Didbal, Yuba City mayor, in the press release.

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