Though he’d never met them prior to his arrival in Arbuckle last week, Shane Grammer, a Los Angeles-based artist said he felt like part of the Corona family, while in town to create a mural inspired by their daughter and sister Natalie Corona. 

Grammer’s work spans a variety of mediums with a focus on art installations, murals, painting, and sculpture. 

“The Corona family invited me to stay at their home while I was in town and welcomed me with a big dinner when I arrived Sunday night,” said Grammer. “It was a really great way to warm up and meet the family – and the community.” 

Grammer worked from sunup to sunset Monday through Friday last week, creating a mural dedicated to Natalie – the Arbuckle native and Davis Police officer killed in the line of duty on Jan. 10, 2019. 

Grammer said prior to his visit he worked with the Corona family to finalize the design for the mural after the owners of Alsco-Geyer Ace Hardware contacted him about doing a mural in honor of Natalie. 

“With a mural this sensitive, the Corona family was the final say on everything,” said Grammer. 

Grammer said the sunflowers featured in the mural were inspired by Natalie’s love for them and the photoshoots she had in fields in the area. According to Grammer, it was also very important to the family for the mural to include the Thin Blue Line flag to represent her love for law enforcement. 

Grammer said this was a really important mural for him to do, personally, because it shined a positive light on all that law enforcement does for the community. 

“As an artist I was happy to be able to stand up and celebrate law enforcement,” said Grammer. “I felt like it was a chance for me to stand up for what I believe in.” 

Grammer said the most powerful part of the experience for him was seeing and interacting with all of the people from the community that came out to see him at work. 

“It really is a reflection of her life and what she meant to the community,” said Grammer. “It really felt Natalie was there with us.” 

Grammer said his many visitors made him feel incredibly welcome while he was working, bringing him snacks and Starbucks each day he was out there painting. 

Grammer said he has more than 20 years of experience working in the arts but his passion has always been graffiti and street art so he has been focusing on creating murals across the state the last few years. 

As a native of Chico, he has created several murals and art installations in Paradise in memory of all that was lost during the 2018 Camp Fire. 

Grammer said he was right in the middle of painting in Paradise when he heard of Natalie’s death. 

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