Sutter County residents who have the Code Red app are not included in the county’s alert system and are being encouraged by emergency operations manager Zachary Hamill to sign up online at 

Hamill said that during alert tests earlier this year, those who used the app were severely delayed in getting alerts compared to those who signed up through the county online. 

The current alert system, Code Red, was purchased shortly after the 2017 Oroville Dam crisis, according to Hamill and he is working on rebranding the system to be called Sutter Alert.

“I want to get the branding out to avoid confusion in the future if we were to change vendors,” Hamill said via email. “Sutter Alert will be around for the long haul.”

By the end of October, Hamill plans to have the Sutter County Operational Area Alert and Warning plan completed. That includes how the current alert system will be governed by the county. 

According to Hamill, the plan will include training requirements for activators, how to craft messages and templated messages as well as an exercise schedule to test the system with residents. 

Those who have already signed up for the alert will not have to sign up again once the rebranding goes into effect, Sutter County public information officer Chuck Smith said. 

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