Editor’s Note: The Appeal sent a simple, three-question survey to all area candidates in contested races in Yuba and Sutter counties. We will be printing responses over the next week. Answers are worded by candidates with light editing. Word limits were set and words were deleted and replaced with an ellipsis if candidates went over. Candidates were invited to submit a photo of themselves. If you are a candidate in a contested race and you did not receive this survey via email, please let us know at smiller@appealdemocrat.com. 


Paul Allison, Incumbent

1. Who are you? I am Paul Allison. I’m 70 years old and live in Loma Rica. I retired as a teacher from Foothill Intermediate School and have worked in MJUSD for three decades.

2. What makes you the best candidate? I have worked in MJUSD for 30 years as a teacher, directed various district programs, and have been a trustee. I have Masters Degrees in Education and Computer Technology as well as an Administrative Degree in Education. All my children have graduated from MHS and I understand the district’s needs.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? During this Covid-19 crisis, the safety of students, their families, and staff must be our first priority. I am a teacher’s advocate. Supporting the needs of teachers and helping them to be their best, promotes the best education for the success of our students. Vocation education also should be a focus to provide good jobs and futures for our students.


Doug Criddle

1. Who are you? I’m Doug Criddle, I’m running for MJUSD school Board. I’m a 4th generation Yuba County resident, married with three children, one of which attends MJUSD. I work for Tri-County ROP.

2. What makes you the best candidate? As a current administrator, I oversee multiple grant funds to career educational programs. I understand the needs of employer and  school-community stakeholders. Why is this important? Because not every student will go to college. I will ensure that our kids have the in-demand skills that CTE/ROP programs have to offer.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected? The top priorities are instructors, students, and community. I know firsthand that an excellent education makes the difference. Our teachers need the resources to give our students the best quality education. I will work hard to ensure they are prepared for the future by utilizing ROP-CTE programs that bridge the gap between graduation and the workforce.


Monica Oakes

1. Who are you? Monica Oakes, 62, Marysville North. Retired from MJUSD in 2016, Principal, teacher, parent, grandparent and volunteer within MJUSD Schools. Mentor for new teachers and administrators.

2. What makes you the best candidate? Experienced, determined, and honest. … My ability to bring groups together will help to bring all parties together to increase the quality and commitment of education for our areas students. My budgeting insight will help to see through adversity and make sure the dollars are spent wisely for students best interests.

3. What top priorities would you champion, if elected?  … Equity for all groups pointed towards the improvement of outcomes for all students who travel through the MJUSD educational system. Variety at all levels, when I attended MJUSD, there was variety, accumulating to include music, art, foreign languages, career to work opportunities, partnerships with community colleges. All the while with quality of education ... I am a champion for students.

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